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The way Resource Insider works is different to most "newsletters" in the investment research business. 

I find opportunties in which to invest my own capital, and share my research and due diligence with our members, along with an introduction to the company we're financing, so subscribers can invest alongside me, on the same terms.

Out of the hundreds of opportunities that come across my desk every year, we'll likely only participate in 5 - 10 deals. This reflects both the standard of the investments we pursue, and the scarcity of quality deals out there.

We are never compensated by the companies we cover in Resource Insider, and unlike most of our "peers", we never take a finder's fee or commission on the capital raised by our members.

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This approach has resulted in our members trusting us, and together we've been able to allocate milliuons of dollars to the deals we participate in. In turn, we've been able to attract lucrative opportunities due to our reputation for working with great investors.

Given the success of this model, we would never do anything to put that into jeopardy, and the level of transparency and trust we offer is (as far as I can tell) unsurpassed in the industry.

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